Single Origin Cold Brew Gift Box (Set of 6)


Single Origin Cold Brew Gift Box (Set of 6) - 6 Bottles of Black is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Single Origin Cold Brew Gift Box is the perfect gift for your purist friend. Aroma Coffee’s Single Origin Cold Brew Coffee is brewed in magnesium-ion enriched water for 30 hours at 5 degrees Celsius and double filtered to ensure a smooth, silky texture. It’s so good that, you can drink it on its own! (without creamer, sugar or milk) Our cold brew also has a higher caffeine content due to the tighter brewing ratio (simply put, more coffee), and if you are looking for a cup of coffee to kickstart your day or recharge after a productive session of work, open up a bottle, and drink it straight or on the rocks. Contains 3 bottles of Black and 3 bottles of White