By You.

"Just tasted all 3: my favorite is the mint, followed by caramel then melon. The mixture of coffee and tea is quite unique, giving the bitter coffee taste at the end! Flavors are not overpowering but gives u a nice twist to appreciate the flavor. Well done indeed, will definitely want to try the other flavours available. Think u guys may have another winner here! Congrats!"

Khoon-Hean Tay

Tried 3 different flavours, perky peppermint, creme caramel and dirty earl. All 3 have very creamy and distinctive taste. And with one mouthful, I was able to easily distinguish what flavor each was.Absolutely delicious. Flavorful and with a good balance of sweet and milky texture. Like their sister brand Aroma Truffle, these little "Spreeze" of coffee concoctions will give you similar mind blowing experience with each sip.

Jet Seng Pang

These coffee were born just this year! Concoction between specialty coffee and artisanal tea leaves. I’m also delighted to hear that only fresh milk and natural ingredients were used in their brewing process! The unique Mellow Melon coffee has a tinge of melon flavour, perfectly blended well with the coffee and fresh milk! This coffee couldn’t be superseded in any way. Must try!

Alena Huang